TITANIUM MAN (Gross Warning)

Ok, the latest from the Doctor is that the shoulder is healing, but the infection in the incision on top of my shoulder has slowed down the healing rate of what is a rather deep hole in my shoulder.  The hole was about the size I could fit my little finger down, and now is only about one knuckle deep. Because it is healing slowly from the inside out, the Doctor has put me back on anti-biotics for another 10 days, and delayed mobility exercises for another 2 weeks, and physio for another month. However, I am happy to report he did not have to cut out the hardened flesh of the hole surface (as it is now a month old) in order for it to heal. Here are 2 pics of the X-rays taken before and after surgery. In the first photo I put an arrow where the Collar bone should be. In the second photo, after the surgery, you can see that the bone is back in place, and you can kind of see some of the new additions to my body, Titanium Screws (more like clips I think). And if your a numbskull like me, and ask if this sets off the metal detectors in airports, the answer is no, that is one of the benefits of using Titanium!

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