(Some of the) Best Experiences

OK, well I made a whole bunch of lists in the plane back, best, worst, etc and will post (most of) them.Numero Uno:

  • Picking up our bikes from Customs in SFO and wheelying them around town, superb !
  • Week in SFO with Karen & Lydia was a fantastic experience, regardless how things have panned out
  • Mexico City, staying with Ricardo & family was a super time, especially since we did not even plan on it, or expect Mexico City to be soooo cool !
  • Antigua Guatemala, the day riding through a biblical deluge followed by a night out in the finca with La Senora Johana Rehwold, brilliant
  • The sailing trip with Stahlratte to Cartagena, on many levels. Lulu & Rolli! The BBQ night with all of its “”entertainment”” and ofcourse the other passengers
  • The first week in Cartagena, especially Playa Blanca and the first Pool Party in Casa Mara organised by Efrahim
  • Bogota, most notably my evening in Andres Carne de Res with Paola
  • Making new friends like Mateo, Max, Ricardo, Lulu and Rolli
  • Medellin, with the highlight Daddy Yankee/Aventura concerto with Zully
  • Cali Part 1; dinner in Trozos with Phil during Ingri’s cumple
  • Cali Part 2; Juanchito with Max, making sure we did’t anything “”everyda”” by avoiding the large disc’s (by mistake)
  • Medellin Gym mornings with Phil. God, we would be in shape if we lived there !
  • The solo rides between Medellin and Cali through Cafe Country
  • Paying of “”fine”” afor being caught by radar at 165 in 80K zone, 10 USD, priceless.
  • Ride to Santa Fe de Antioqiua together with a KTM 950
  • Smoking Cuban purros with Max at Haban’s in Panama
  • Getting the G’s on Stahlratte and especially on shore in Cartagena with Phil
  • Ride day to Montezuma, Costa Rica with Phil
  • First week in Panama with Phil & Max, mindshf!
  • Ruta 40 in Medellin, especially the first time when I had 12 KM before 20.000 service.

Red: Philthy has not been councilled on this list and I am sure I am forgetting stacks!!!

Here is a couple from Phil, of the top of his head to add to the list,

  • Riding over our first international border on our bikes WITHOUT STOPPING for the next 1200kms!
  • Learning that Cops in Colombia cheer when dudes pop monos, not book you!
  • Learning that there is a free motorcycle lane beside every toll gate in Colombia.
  • Learning that at night, the cops really do’t pay attention to running red lights, or excessive speed.
  • The first vision of watching Colombian chicas dancing Salsa (red: this was probably Mama Rumba in Mexico City!)
  • Discovering Reggeaton
  • Discovering what Reggeaton music does to Colombian women!”

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