Kelly is home!

I am very happy to say, Kelly is home and is feeling much better. She received some 3 litres of new blood over two days after bleeding out some 90% of hers. According to the doctor itContinue reading

N.A.K.A.R. is Back!, AGAIN!

A HA HA HA HA!!!!!! After being tormented by the spectacular mountains of the Zona Cafetera with no motorbike, twice. now for a total of over 2 months, let me say it is GREAT to haveContinue reading

Farewell “Pain-a-ma”

Well I have nearly spent as much time now in Panama as I have in Colombia and I can honestly say I not sad to be going back to Colombia. I have had some great experiencesContinue reading

Meddling in Medellin

As I sit here in my grungy motorbike gear, tapping away on the laptop in Jan Valdez (Yuppie WiFi cafe) I am really struggling to sum-up my combined experiences from Medellin. Clearly it is the cityContinue reading