C.A.A. The resurrection!

Well thanks to an IT genius friend of mine, David Velásquez, the Central Adventure Agency Blog is Back! Whilst much of the content still remains lost, Dave has recovered a lot of it, and I amContinue reading

Galeria del cafe

One of the great characteristics of Colombia is that it is one of the worlds great coffee producers. The spectacular “Zona Cafetera” (Coffee zone) is so beautiful, it has recently been granted World Herritage status. For aContinue reading

Arriba la Neblina!

Well on the final day of 2010 I can’t help but feel a little melancholy as I sit here at my favourite Juan Valdez thinking about how much my life has changed, and the things I haveContinue reading

N.A.K.A.R. is back III

Imagine for a second, the thing you love doing most in the world, Imagine you have been fortunate enough to have been doing it everyday for the past year when suddenly. the opportunity to doContinue reading

Becoming Colombian

Well as most of you who have been following my Blog, and facebook, already know, the last 6 months over here has been a bit rough. However, all things good and bad come to an endContinue reading


For anyone who wants to laugh about dealing with public authorities in Colombia, you may enjoy this story about replacing my stolen documents. The entry stamp in your passport is the most critical element IContinue reading

Fashion Expo Medellin. HA HA!

I used to think the most beautiful women in the world came from Southern Europe. When I came to Colombia a year ago, that all changed. The most beautiful women in the world definitely are Colombian. And when you combineContinue reading

TITANIUM MAN (Gross Warning)

Ok, the latest from the Doctor is that the shoulder is healing, but the infection in the incision on top of my shoulder has slowed down the healing rate of what is a rather deep hole inContinue reading