N.A.K.A.R. is back III

Imagine for a second, the thing you love doing most in the world, Imagine you have been fortunate enough to have been doing it everyday for the past year when suddenly. the opportunity to do it is taken away from you. You wait, and wait, and wait, The days turn into weeks, the weeks turn into months. Then one day 6 months later you do it again, for the first time in 6 months. Imagine how you feel, That’s how I feel now!4464855006_14b68eae49

At the risk of using the same line for a third time, NAKAR is back. After major re-constructive surgery, I picked up the bike from Ruta 40 in Medellin and rode to my home in Manizales. 3 hours of spectacular riding. And in all that time that has gone by, I can’t believe how much I missed it! There is just something about pulling big K’s in a foreign land on an incredible bike, Can’t be described, you just have to experience it. But the motorcycle gods were smiling on me, perfect weather over the  Caldas mountains and down into river planes. My head was spinning!

In this country where they fix things rather than just write them off, the experts say a “straigtned” bike is never the same as a new one.  Consequently, I was ridding with an error margin much bigger than usual, but the bike felt great, I felt great! No nervousness, no apprehension, no flashbacks of a grievous accident 6 months ago.

Stopped in a little town along the way, and in true NAKAR style, all the kids cam rushing over straight way, “How much is it?”, “How fast does it go?” “Where are you from?” Where are you going?”  etc etc etc


There is NOTHING in the world quite like it!

Just to sign off I have to give a special thanks AGAIN to Ruta 40 in Medellin. Again, the service and quality of workmanship here has been exceptional. Thanks boys, I cannot recommend you enough! And a shout out to my good friend Mateo, who with his extensive contact network somehow managed to get virtually all the parts in the most creative of ways! Thanks buddy

And for all my riding buddies. Lets get dirty!

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