N.A.K.A.R. is Back!, AGAIN!

A HA HA HA HA!!!!!! After being tormented by the spectacular mountains of the Zona Cafetera with no motorbike, twice. now for a total of over 2 months, let me say it is GREAT to have my bike back.

And with new tyres, new wheels, new breaks, new suspension, N.A.K.A.R. is better than ever!!!

This is the new wheel, break housing, disk, hydraulics and electronics,

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And the cost for all this I hear you ask.

$150! Gotta plug my amigos at Ruta 40. These guys handled the warranty claim via BMW, and managed to get everything that was “associated with the faulty bearing, replaced with no problem and no charge! They only charged me to change my tires, front fork springs and oil!  Ha ha ha ha !!!!!!!!

And to test it out. tomorrow I ride! Happened to meet some biker buddies in the shop who are doing a group ride tomorrow out to some massive lake with a grand metiorite in the middle. supposed to be spectacular.

Photo outside Casa Kiwi in Parque Llerras.


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