Meddling in Medellin

As I sit here in my grungy motorbike gear, tapping away on the laptop in Jan Valdez (Yuppie WiFi cafe) I am really struggling to sum-up my combined experiences from Medellin. Clearly it is the city that consumed more of my time than any other in Colombia. Whilst somewhat influenced by the fact that my bike was being repaired here, it was only sent here in the first place due to Ruta 40, our favourite BMW shop in the world!

Lets get started, here is some of my favourite artworks from Colombia, both from Antioquia, the breathtaking mountainous region where Medellin is located.

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People from the Antioquian region where Medellin is located, €œPaizars€ are notoriously friendly and generous. They are also noted to be quite cultured, stylish and have the most beautiful women!  Well no surprises that Medellin is my favourite city in Colombia (nothing to do with the women of couse, there are beautiful women all over Colombia)!  Medellin is nestled in the breathtaking mountain ranges of Antioqia, central to Bogotar, Cali, and Cartegena.

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It has a perfect climate unlike sweltering Cartagena or cold wet Bogota. You can navigate the city easily, you dont need to wear a chaleco (Stupid vest with your rego plate emblazoned across it) on the moto. The women ARE beautiful, the people ARE very friendly and generous. It is a stylish cultured city with many great restaurants. my kinda place, The Melboune of Colombia – of sorts.


Big thanks in particular to our new mate Mateo, who whilst juggling a full on job, an international motorcycle racing career AND a new baby, was never too busy to help us with anything and everything we needed, from taking us riding through the local Curvas Pelligrosas to organising to pick up my bike in the middle of nowhere and ship to the bike shop over the week-end.


Mateo, all I can say is get your ass Down Under my friend, so we can return the favour, and whilst there show you how to really ride a moto off road!

Secondly, a big thanks to our Spanish professor Humberto. Speaking for myself amigo, I know I am and old dog who learns slowly, so thanks for all your patience. My journey up this mountain really started with you and will continue with until I reach the top, regardless of the €œtremendous€ amount of work involved! Thanks also for the friendship and laughs, and until we meet again amigo, best wishes.

So I am sad to leave Medellin, with so many things I wanted to do left undone, however these deeds undone are an added incentive to return to my favourite city in this fantastic country, sooner rather than later.

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