Kelly is home!

I am very happy to say, Kelly is home and is feeling much better. She received some 3 litres of new blood over two days after bleeding out some 90% of hers. According to the doctor it is a miracle that she was not in a coma! A biopsy in Colombia takes 15 days, so still waiting to see what the story with the tumor is, however, the doctor seems reasonably confident that it is managble with medication. We sit and wait, however she seems to be recovering well!

In the meantime, I have had a check up with my surgeon, and the shoulder seems to be coming along ok. In another 4 weeks I will be able to commence physio, whooo hooo!!! Sleeping is still a bitch, as there is no position to take other that flat on your back.

On other matters. in particular in regard to the robbery, we have made a change to the plan. As my friends know, I am not one to typically do what other people tell me, and similarly I am not a great one to take advice either. God knows I have made some bad decisions already. However, based on the concern for my survival of my good friends in Aus, plus advice from a trustworthy lawyer in Colombia, I have decided not to go public with this story in a place like Colombia. Yet….

Thanks to my wise friends for your concerns. You are right, we have enough problems right now!

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