From the hand of Kelly (Via Google Translate)

The following is a chapter from Kelly. I have kept it in the form Google translates Spanish, so my English speaking friends may also get a taste of the limits of communication in different languages. By the way, the bit about “The ancient extraction of the points of the elbow” is referring to the two stitches that I just discovered in my elbow that were not taken out with the others in the return visit to the clinic 5 days ago! Please enjoy, and welcome my girl to the blog,

Me Changing my Bandages

Friends nowadays everything has become of madness, first our accident and days after I observe that the surgical wounded person of the shoulder of Phil does not have a good aspect, that’s why we go again to the doctor in order that you observe her and we found out that it was infected, they had to extract the injury scab and to take out the whole pus than inside, all this without anesthesia, but as my man is very strong I bear all this with a lot of strength tirelessly; Of the injury was going out all kind of liquid contaminated, in abundant quantity, had to introduce a gauze there inside to cover the great hole that I leave all this liquid and that is not everything. In the ancient extraction of the points of the elbow, two have let him informed, which extract at home with our own means. All what lived has been very difficult but what matters most for me, it is that we have lived it side by side and with all of the love that has joined us until now, I am sure that shortly we receive very good things for the two and we will be somewhere in the world laughing and remembering all what’s vivid

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