Conquered the corner that could’ve killed me!

Well, upon return to this infamous corner approx 6 hrs riding north from Medellin to Cartagena, I felt the countryside start to look familiar. The 36 degree heat was all too familiar, and the mid afternoon fatigue was kicking in again after the same 6 hours of ‘warp speed mandating concentration’. However, I have to say, the corner that nearly brought about the end of the Philth, is quite a nondescript corner. Not sharp, no surprises, open smooth bend, just a tree right on the apex. Quite ho hum really. (Just goes to show the danger of bad tires at the end of a long day!)

However, as my first day back on the bike after the stack, first day on road tires, and most importantly, the first day riding with no Michel (when your mates not with you to drag your ass out of a ditch, it feels different. really different) I was moving a tad more conservatively than usual at only 2 X limit.

I was half way through the corner before I realized that yes, this piss-weak corner really was the one. I had to film it. The video starts from the hill that leads into the corner, I slow and veer off the road as I pass “”the tree”” (not as close or as fast as last time) and the stop to look out over the fence down the ditch where I landed. Then, to ensure I was’t too shaken, popped a little mono out the other side,

Check it out.


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