Becoming Colombian

Well as most of you who have been following my Blog, and facebook, already know, the last 6 months over here has been a bit rough. However, all things good and bad come to an end at some point, and suddenly I wake up with quite a startling revelation.

From time to time, life really tests your mettle, and gives you what feels like a rough education. But in my case, now I am emerging out the other side of some really difficult times, I feel like all my experiences in life have combined to work in my favour, right now! Putting me in a totally unique position, to do exactly what I want, where I want and how I want!

I never would have been able to figure out how to create this situation from Australia, It’s truly a miraculous outcome that has come from throwing myself completely into this adventure. I find myself in a new exotic Country, that I have fallen in love with. and what am I doing, creating pure innovation! Exactly what I love and exactly what I do best!

Yes the journey here has seen some challenges, (to say the least) but it has also seen may truly unique spectacular things, and ultimately has become THE experience of my lifetime! The journey ahead of completing the dream, and converting this utopian entrepreneurial vision into reality is long, but I am bursting with excitement like never before, to make it happen! And everyday I achieve one more little thing, everyday I see this vision becoming a reality before my eyes, it is truly a special and soul-satisfying thing in my life.

To use Mastercards great tagline,

  • Horrendous Motorcycle accident – Cost 3 months
  • Robbed at the accident scene – $15k
  • Surgery – $10k
  • Major Bike Repairs – $20k
  • Robbed by my ex-Girlfriend – Many many thousands.

I am truly the proverbial “Pig in the Mud” in my new life in Colombia. I just miss my friends and family!

We all have our own lives to live, and our own goals to achieve, but as I travel down this road in this new country, I really do miss you guys. Yes I am making many new friends, but I would like all my Aussie friends to know I think of you all often. I miss you, and I wish I could share more of my journey with you. So please put Colombia on your list of next holiday destination options. I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed!

Ok quickly onto the boring stuff,


The shoulder is about 80% better. I am exercising everyday, not just physio, but gym as well. I even went for my first swim in 5 months the other day and knocked out 1k. It hurt a bit, but all good. Body is getting back in shape. I have a little less muscle mass than I used to, but my running is great! Averaging 5 ks at 5min per k pace (2200 meters altitude) 3 times per week.


For the last 6 months (less hospital time) I have been working on this new business project. Whilst in this time the concept has developed, evolved and sharpened, alot of this time has been dedicated to educating myself on the complex legal and tax environment. (And the language! Gracias a mi professor en Medellin!) I am very excited and proud to announce that as of two days ago, thanks to the tremendous support from my Brother Denis in Australia, I now have my first International Patent Application Number, direct from the World Intellectual Property Organisation in Geneva, Switzerland. (WIPO’s website, fascinating organisatin The Latin world is one step closer to becoming my oyster! I plan to have a formalbusiness plan out in the next month. In the meantime the economy is just getting stronger and stronger. There has been much press about Colombia becoming one of the most exciting emerging economies in the world. This article about CIVETS quotes the CEO of HSBC, its a ripper!

Stay tuned for Moodys conclusion after their deep-dive into the political and economic environment here,

Lots of cool new industries emerging, Medical Tourism one of the biggest,

For all you property investors, it is still very cheap, but not for long, it will always be beautiful though!  (Running up in the mountains the other day, above the clouds, just the mountain tops, totally still, breathtaking!!!!)


What to say. Well I am not in a rush to get into anything too serious after my last experience. For those that are (understandably) concerned for my IN-ability to discern quality from the bevvy of intoxicating, hypnotising beautiful women here, you will be happy to know I have assembled a panel of my Colombian friends who I use to “interview” prospective women I like, under the guise of a social gathering of course. No surprises to many of you I am also told by my friends here, who have tried vigorously to educate me, my ability to discern quality here in Colombia still has a long way to go! HA HA

So to all my friends and family, Chao for now, and stay tuned for the next chapter of Philthy becoming Colombian!


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