Bad Experiences (had to think quite long on this short list)

From Michel:

  • Police in Nicaragua fining us for overtaking on a hill in a corner, whilst driving a straight, flat road and taking our driving licenses. We skipped the country in hours, the boys are still waiting for us there,
  • Seeing Phil leaving the road at about 100 KM/H through my rearview mirror (his little yelp over bluetooth alerted me) and subsequent shit for him to deal with (he is still waiting to get bike fixed in Medellin)
  • Two evenings with (what turns out to be) an alcoholic,jeez people change !
  • Having some money stolen by a dude that shared my bunk on the Stahlratte, hours before disembarking
  • Facebook & Roadtrip, maybe not such a great combi 😉 ??

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