Galeria del cafe

One of the great characteristics of Colombia is that it is one of the worlds great coffee producers. The spectacular “Zona Cafetera” (Coffee zone) is so beautiful, it has recently been granted World Herritage status. For a snippet of this spectacular coffee country here is a good link.

More to the point however is the story of Juan Valdez, the coffee co-operatives own brand. It is the greatest domestic promotion of this brand is its extensive franchise network of cafes around the country, photos of which you may find sprinkled through this blog. Now as a true Melbourne coffee wanker, who spent many an hour in these cafes as I traveled all over Colombia, I started a little contest of coffee art.  A little contest between baristas around the country, the best of course were from my own city of Manizales.

Many would have seen my numerous facebook posts of some of the better designs, but here is the collection of my Colombian Galeria de cafe.


Galeria de Cafe


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